The Donattela Story

Donattela Bar and Gril About UsOur story begins on a family vacation during the March break in 2004. While heading to the cottage, a left turn was made by mistake. I have called this a wrong turn in the past, but upon reflection, nothing could have been more right. We came upon a lovely title town called Bobcaygeon where the beauty of the people and the scenery called out to us. And then I saw a sign. Not an epiphany from above, but a sign in a storefront reading “Restaurant for Sale”.

I immediately knew that we would soon be calling this wonderfully diverse little community home. We settled on the name Donattela as a tribute to Rada’s qrandmother, whose family recipes are still reflected in our menu. Generations of our family’s love and passion for food, wine, and a good time can still be felt with every bite in our family owned and operated establishment. With all that life has put onto your table, we would love to provide you our table, set with a great meal, a nice glass of wine and a feeling of belonging.

Buon Appetito
From our familia